Music playing app for children's party games: pass the parcel & musical chairs.

This is a 100% free, music playing app for your children's birthday party games like Pass the Parcel, Musical chairs, Freeze, etc. It plays the music for a random period of time and then stops. No need for one person to stay out of the fun-filled birthday party game and play the music; the app will handle all your needs. 

This app also has a unique feature; it takes a photo automatically when the music stops. This feature will bring a certain stop to the usual arguments that result in party games like he had the parcel or she didn't have the parcel or she sat on the chair first, etc. The picture will be ample proof to resolve all the disagreements. The app doesn't stop at that. It comes armed with a list of tasks/forfeits for a person caught with the parcel or the person left without the chair. So, no need to think about what forfeit to give to the caught person. The “Pass the Parcel - Party Music Player” app will do it for you. 

You can change the default settings and easily customize this app to suit your needs.

1. If you are not happy with the default music of the app, you can choose a song of your own liking to play for the game. 
2. If the app's default forfeits/tasks are not to your liking, you can remove some or all of them and add your own tasks.
3. The music plays for a random period of time between 15 seconds and 25 seconds . However, you can increase the upper limit of the music to be more than 25 seconds.
4. By default, the app will take a picture when the music stops using the back camera of your device. However, you can always change the settings to use the front camera instead. You can also stop the camera feature by unchecking the “Take Pic” checkbox.
5. Moreover, if you want to manually control the game with the app only acting like a music player, then this is also possible. When you pause the music, the picture will still be taken.

Have fun using this app. This app makes the children independent. They don't need an adult to manage their favorite party game's music. The young girls or boys can manage their own party games in a 100% fair manner. 

We assure you that this app will add a unique feature to all your birthdays, dinners, picnics and other parties/events. The kids will surely love to see the amusing moments of their game captured on screen and all their prospective disagreements solved with just one click.

Ideal for all of the party games for girls or boys where you need a music player that stops on its own.  Musical Chairs, Pass the Parcel, Freeze, Pass the pillow and Dancing games are some of the party games that we can think of but you are free to invent your own games ;).

We hope that this app leads to more fun and entertainment in all your birthday party games!



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