Fun and free farming game for kids - learn numbers and counting while farming

Countville is a 100% free farming game for kids with the added bonus of counting. Kids can learn number recognition and counting up to 10 while building a beautiful farm. They can learn the different steps involved in making a chicken coop, cow pasture, fish pond, onion farm, carrot farm, apple orchard and lettuce farm. Each step or task is based on counting with colorful graphics to keep the children involved. Hence, it is an interesting and enjoyable way for preschoolers and kindergarten kids to learn number recognition and counting while playing their most favourite game i.e. farming.

The farming tasks are easy for little fingers with vibrant, animated graphics and the cute farmer girl is always there to help throughout each step with vocal guidance.

Building the different structures in the farm is not the only thing the wonderful game offers. Once a structure has been completed such as an apple orchard, kids can visit their marvelous apple orchard to pick a certain number of apples. They can collect eggs from the chicken coop, fill up milk bottles from the cows, catch fish from the pond and harvest onions, carrots and lettuce all the while absorbing in their little minds the concept of counting . What a fantastic way to learn counting while doing such enjoyable tasks!



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